About Us

K9in09 Dog Walking is a newly started business by owner, Christi Wilbur, and proudly services the Alamo Heights and Terrell Hills areas. Christi has been a resident of Terrell Hills for the past 10 years, and has 2 daughters who have graduated from AHHS.  After 30 years of being in education, Christi is now retired from NEISD.  She has  a Masters degree in Mid-Management and Administration, a certification as a Dog Walker, a certification in pet CPR through Red Cross, is licensed, and insured.  Additionally, she has always been around dogs and currently owns 2 young dogs.

Being a resident of the neighborhood provides you the security and comfort of knowing that your dog walker knows the area, can get to your home in a short period of time,  and that your precious pet is in good hands. 

Getting daily exercise stimulates your pet while giving you peace of mind knowing they are being taken care of.  A bored dog becomes destructive and lack of exercise may cause weight gain.  We know that pets are used to getting those daily treats to help hold them over while you are gone or table food from dinner to show them love, but after a while all of those things add up and can cause obesity.  Providing your dog a daily walk allows your pet to get the exercise needed to help them stay as healthy and happy as possible.