Our Services


Initial Meet & Greet–Complimentary

While there is no charge for this initial meet and greet, it is required for all new clients prior to any service being rendered. The purpose for this visit are the following:

  • Getting to know your pet;
  • Seeing how your pet responds to me in their home; and
  • Allowing me to obtain any additional information to make the service successful.

Drop-In Home Visits

At work or going out of town and need someone to drop in and check on your pet?  K9in09 is here to help you!   The following will be provided to your precious pet:

  • Letting out to go potty;
  • Ensuring they have plenty of food and water;
  • Giving some play time;
  • Giving belly rubs, love and cuddles;
  • Bringing in your mail/packages; and
  • Watering any of your plants.

Dog Walking

Getting out the extra energy by providing daily exercise for your pet is very important for stimulation, happiness, and their overall health. It will help prevent obesity, improve mental health, keep them socialized, and release excess energy (which helps prevent destructive behavior).  So, if you work long hours or have a busy schedule, K9in09 is here to help you and provide you peace of mind by the following:

  • Picking up/dropping off your pet at your home;
  • Walking in your neighborhood (which your pet is familiar with);
  • Providing hydration; and
  • Allowing to sniff, potty, and play.

Prior to any service being rendered, K9in09 will email you required paperwork that must be completed in order to schedule an initial meet & greet.


Initial Meet & Greet–Complimentary

Drop-In Home Visits (For 1-2 Pets)

15 minute – $20
30 minute – $30

Gone for the weekend (2-3 days)?


   2 days (6, 15-minute in home visits) – $110

   3 days (9, 15-minute in home visits) – $160

Gone for the week (4+ days)?

  $50/day for 3, 15-minute daily in home visits


Dog Walking (For 1-2 dogs)

30 minute dog walk:

    $25 (3+/week);

    $28 (2/week);

    and $30 (1/week)

Daily Business Hours

Monday – Thursday, 7:30am – 6:30pm

Friday – 7:30 am – 5:00pm

Add-ons (to original cost)

Extra pets (each pet after 2) – $5



  • Payments must be made prior to or at the time the service is rendered.
  • Same day cancellations will be charged to the client.
  • K9in09 reserves the right to cancel or change any dog walking service to a drop-in visit should there be inclement weather.
  • K9in09 reserves the right to cancel a service prior to the service being rendered, with notification, if needed.

Payment MethodsCash, check ($25 handling fee on returned check), Venmo, Zelle, or Apple Pay.